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UTOPIA Fest 2018

This was an open invitation to curate an outdoor art experience for our friends at UTOPiA Fest 2018.  Due to the outdoor setting of the festival and our project not receiving any funding support we wanted to create something economical that was still vibrant and interactive for guests, that could withstand the weather elements and would require minimal to no electronics to monitor or be exposed to the elements.

We decided on an upcycled outdoor art lounge using leftover materials from previous events that were just being held in storage collecting dust.  We built 6 double-sided wall flats, designed/painted/crafted 6 different murals & photo opportunities for guests, and used plastic crates for structural support legs as well as outdoor furniture.  The crates were all spray painted fluorescent colors and the murals on the inner side of the lounge all contained fluorescent accents to glow under a UV black light at night.

Everything pictured below was concepted, built, transported and installed onsite by our team of two, Clayton & Mateo.

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