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Twix House of Duos SXSW 2018

Project length from initial introductory call to completion = 25 days. 

Art direction & creative consulting -- customized photo booth activation with complete structure buildout & all branded elements -- custom built twin LED light tubes in red & yellow for outer deck install --  (5) interactive art stations themed after iconic music duos -- milk crates, wood, artist specific decor & vinyl, steel, miscellaneous set lighting, programming, branding, experience design.  

"DAFT PUNK" = jam like a DJ.  novation launchpad controller with limited controls & color coded triggers to mix & match songs, play with one-shot sound effects, and take a solo on the diatonic keyboard. 

"THE WHITE STRIPES" = put on the head phones, choose an instrument, and control the content on the TV screen with your drumming & strumming as you listen to a WS playlist. 

"OUTKAST" = silent disco for two.  dance to your favorite Outkast tunes on a 3'x5' parquet dance floor that's just big enough for one lucky duo at a time, with graffiti flare by ERThink.

"SIMON & GARFUNKEL" = lounge vibe with magnetic poetry on a NYC skyline for guests to compose original song lyrics & phrases.


"SONNY & CHER" = micro photo studio/dressing room equipped with vintage wardrobe selection & themed props as an homage to the Sonny & Cher style.

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