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Netflix | The Highwaymen SXSW 2019

We were asked to provide a photo booth that could support RFID integration for quick guest sharing, as well as auto-generate a unique nickname to the photo overlay that was assigned to the guest's profile.

Due to the nature of the 1930s theme we suggested fabricating a custom booth housing to better fit the aesthetic rather than a modern photo booth station.

We refurbished the full size barrels, fabricated the half barrels into a self standing photo booth complete with a touch screen, DSLR camera, RFID scanner, and dimmable antique photo light.  All barrels were stained & distressed by hand in order to give a cohesive look.  Branding is spray painted onto the barrels using vinyl paint mask stencils, the backdrop consists of metal pipe that is leather wrapped and burlap draped over for final touch.  Height adjustable stool for guests and official police mugshot letter board were also provided.


RFID integration = Before entering, guests were provided an RFID wristband that they registered to their personal profile, and at this time a unique "outlaw" themed nickname is assigned to their information.  When a guest uses the photo booth, they swipe their wristband to begin the process, then their name + nickname are added to their mugshot photo overlay, and the image is instantly shared to the email address in their RFID profile. 

(The RFID hardware & programming was provided by Connect & Go, as well as the unique nickname generation--we provided the integration of the user's name/nickname to be pulled and added onto the photo overlay)

Timeline from concept to completion = 6 weeks

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