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Hops For HOPE 2018

We have been a part of the HOPE Campaign community for well over 5 years, and love every chance we get to contribute to one of their incredible art shows.  For Hops for HOPE 2018, their annual East Austin Studio Tour (EAST) closing celebration we had the opportunity to showcase work alongside dozens of internationally renowned visual, street, & graffiti artists, including Shepard Fairey & Blek le Rat.

This year was focused on raising awareness and funds towards the relocation of the HOPE Outdoor Gallery--in our opinion one of the greatest graffiti parks and public attractions in the country.  We wanted to create something big, bright, and colorful that would capture the essence of HOPE.  We created a small sign of nail points on a wooden frame in the shape of HOPE letters, and assembled giant neon HOPE letters using plastic box crates, complete with white yarn connecting the small letters to the large, creating 3-dimensional depth and symbolizing the growth from past to future of the HOPE Campaign.

2 Day activation installed at Fair Market in Austin TX.

Build time, approximately 8 hours.

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