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Fender Next House + Lucky Brand  

SXSW 2019

Clients wanted a simple selfie station to accommodate their small available footprint, and also wanted to include instant prints.  Normally, when using our Selfie Studio, to add instant prints requires an additional table for the printer.  Clients wanted a solution that avoided multiple stands/tables in the setup to keep the entire station inline with Fender's clean + sleek brand look, so we fabricated a custom box housing allowing us to meet all requirements.

This custom Fender selfie station has the printer living within the box, with a printer slot on one side, the box allowed us to mount the iPad and ring light directly to the front, and is complete with spray painted brand logos and two instrument hangers for their Lucky Brand + Fender limited edition guitars (used as photo props).

Timeline from concept to completion = 3 weeks

Fabrication time = approximately 16 hours

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