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Artbash 2018

Art Alliance Austin invited us to showcase some previous works in their East Austin Studio Tour (EAST) gallery.  We featured two murals from our UTOPiA Fest outdoor lounge and recrafted an old favorite of ours, Tunnel Vision, with some extra lighting accents added in.  

"Acid Lake" = 8'x8' wood wall flat, 4 gallons of poured latex paint, 3 gallons of epoxy for gloss finish and protectant. It's heavy.

"Confetti Dream" = 8'x8' wood wall flat light box, 3 lbs of multi colored fluorescent + black confetti, glue, spray adhesive, colored lighting gels as windows, 6 dimmable LED light bulbs for inner light, UV black light on piece for desired glow.

"Tunnel Vision" = (5) 4'x4' screens made of mesh tulle and wood, a single projector with custom motion graphics content rear projecting through the center of screens, (6) fabricated color changing LED light sabers. 

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